Camper bodies for pickup vehicles is an alternative to camper trailers and camper vehicles for expeditions to places that are inaccessible for traditional vehicles and camper trailers. This form of tourism allows you to visit places with poorly developed road infrastructure, without requiring investment in a camping car used only occasionally several times a year. The body is adapted for mounting on the open load-carrying body of double cab pickup trucks offered on the European market. The body can be quickly dismantled and the vehicle can be used for daily driving or work.


Here are some of the key benefits of bodies for pickup vehicles:

· comfort and independence

· easy dismantling from the pickup truck

· the possibility of using the pickup vehicle for other purposes

· no registration needed

· camper body fits every pickup model offered in Europe

· you can change the pickup to a new model, and the camper body will fit

– with a 4×4 camper and pickup you will reach places that are not accessible to standard campers

· Can tow a platform trailer or camper trailer

· minimal operating costs

· camper body doesn’t lose much value during use